Take a deeper look at COPD. With a better understanding of the COPD-specific inflammation, we have a fresh opportunity to identify new approaches to treatment. Nycomed are committed to working with clinicians in research and development into the management of COPD, and to help you and your patients to think differently about COPD.


COPDforum is a global organization committed to delivering professional education materials in COPD.

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Unmet needs in COPD

"Current treatments do not modify the natural history of the disease"

Professor Leo Fabbri. University of Modena & Reggio, Italy

"We ultimately would like to change mortality so we need new treatments"

Professor Klaus F Rabe. Leiden University Hospital, The Netherlands

"There remains a huge opportunity to get better treatments that will help our patients more"

Professor Peter Calverley. University Hospital Aintree, Liverpool, UK

"We should have medications that can effectively stop the ongoing inflammation"

Dr. Alvar Agusti. University of Barcelona, Spain

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