Patient perspective

COPD affects the lives of patients and their families. The physical symptoms of the disease restrict daily activities and the associated psychological symptoms (such as anxiety due to breathlessness) can lead to depression and a feeling of being trapped by the disease.

Patients often modify their behaviour to avoid breathlessness and gradually their lifestyles are changed dramatically by this. It is important to be aware of the patient perspective of this debilitating disease and the impact it has on their lives.


Hear how COPD has impacted on Patricia’s quality of life and listen to her fears for the future.


Listen to John describe how his COPD was diagnosed and the impact it has on his work life and daily activities.


Listen to David describe some of his coping strategies for living with COPD.


Hear Tirelli describe the impact of living with the daily symptoms of COPD.

Chronic stable disease - drug therapy

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